PTC is no longer allowed to ship Oracle's Java with Windchill 11.2 and they have not transferred to the OpenJDK yet (hopefully by Windchill 12.0).  So we are now responsible for deploying Oracle's Java on the servers, prior to installing Windchill.  Everyone knows that Windchill requires Java but so does the PSI installer.  These instructions provide a Java installation that supports both the PSI and the subsequent Windchill installation.

How to Find and Download Java

Customers focused on security need to pay for an Oracle Java subscription and download the latest available JDK 1.8 from Oracle.

Customers not interested in paying Oracle for a Java subscription need to use JDK 1.8 Update 202.  This is the last publicly available build prior to mandatory subscription licenses and is deliberately identified as the minimum build supported by Windchill 11.2.  You will need an Oracle account in order to download any archived version of Oracle's Java.

As of this writing, all Oracle Java Archives are referenced from here.

Locating specific versions:

  • JDK 8 u202: Google for "Java jdk 8 archive download" to find the direct link to the 8u202 downloads.
  • JDK 8 later Archived builds: The same Google search will also list a download page link mentioning a 8u211.  This is where all later archived version of Java 8 reside.
  • JDK 8 latest: Google for "Java jdk 8 download".

Java Cleanup and Deployment

We do not need to install Java with the operating system in order to run the PSI or support the Windchill installation.  In fact, if Java is already installed with the operating system, uninstall it.  We don't want Windows to recognize a JDK or JRE other than the one we planning to deploy.

The JRE must not be installed separately until after the Windchill installation completes or it will confuse the PSI installer and result in errors like this:

Deploying the JDK

We do not need to install Java with the operating system in order to run the PSI or support the Windchill installation.  A portable/bundled deployment of the Java JDK will suffice.  Follow our "Create Portable Java for Clients and Servers" article to convert the downloaded Java executable into a bundled deployment.

Once the bundled Java JDK has been created, rename it to 'Java' and place it in the desired Windchill installation folder.  For example:


Running the PSI

  1. Launch a cmd shell as Administrator.
  2. Change directory to the appropriate PSI location.
  3. Set the JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables.
  4. Confirm the shell recognizes your bundled java.
  5. Launch the PTC Solutions Installer.

For example:

pushd E:\Software\11.2\MED-61006-CD-112_11-2-0-1_11-2-0-1-Bundle
set JAVA_HOME=D:\PTC\Windchill_11.2\Java
set path=%JAVA_HOME%;%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%
java -version

The PSI will launch and run as expected.  Specify the bundled Java location when prompted during installation.