Turning on advanced search

When the Search Mode preference is set to Advanced, Keyword searches behave differently.   **Preference is set by the Windchill administrator**

Site>Preference Management>Search>Search Mode

What are Index Searches?

 Windchill Index searches are performed against all object Attribute values and the Content of Document Files that have been uploaded to Windchill.

What is a Keyword search?

A keyword search is broken up into terms and operators. There are two types of terms: Single Terms and Phrases.

A Single Term is a single word such as "Steel", "Atlanta", “111011”…………

A Phrase is a group of words surrounded by double quotes such as "Material Specification".

Multiple terms can be combined with Boolean operators to form a more complex search. (see below).

Global Keyword Search              

A global search is a keyword search performed against all contexts (Product\Project\Library) to which you have access. Located at top right of any Windchill Page.

Advanced Keyword Search 



Keywords separated by spaces are joined by OR operator.

*Note.  If one of the part numbers being searched for did not exist, we would get only a single part search return.*

Quotes “ “

Surround a phrase with double quotes to search for an exact match to the phrase.

Single Character Wildcard:  ?

Return objects with one character in place of the question mark. Can use multiple ?.

Multiple character wildcard: *

Return objects with zero or more characters in place of the asterisk.  Can use multiple *.

Fuzzy search: ~

Returns objects containing strings that are either an exact match or are similar without being an absolute match.  By default, up to two edits are allowed.

To change the “fuzziness” of your search, you can specify the how many edits are allowed. For example, lever~1 only allows one edit.  As a result, the search would return “clever” but not “clover.”

Boolean operators

*NOTE.  When the search being performed has a criteria of one attribute value, multiple values of another, and multiple operators.  It is required that the search uses the “database attributes search” section of advanced search.  Examples……


Returns objects that have both Terms in the search criteria.

OR (Space in between terms)

Returns objects that have any of the terms entered as criteria.


Excludes specific attribute values from a search.

Field name search: number:<search> name:<search>

Entering name/number followed by a colon and a query will isolate search to only the name and number of Windchill objects.

Range search: number: [<criteria> TO <criteria>] name: {<criteria> TO <criteria>}

Ranges within square brackets [ ] are inclusive.

Ranges within curly brackets {} are exclusive.

*Note. If searching for multiple field strings, you must use parenthesis or include the field name with every string.

Range search with operator Examples

Proximity Search: “<Search String>”~<number>

Returns objects with a value that includes both terms within a certain number of terms from each other.

Term = Any character string that is space separated.  EX.  ALUM_6061 STEEL_1018